Your Analytical & Measurement Partners for Sustainable Energy Solutions

Elohi provides tailored solutions for the decarbonization markets from design to integration to maintenance.

Starting a renewable natural gas project Can Be Confusing

Having a reliable partner can help you avoid…

  • Operational inefficiencies that cause major revenue losses
  • Wasting time and energy guessing what may work
  • Risking non-compliance and potential legal consequences

From its parent company, Cherokee Measurement & Control’s 20 years of experience in the natural gas midstream, processing, and transportation markets, Elohi helps renewable natural gas (RNG) producers navigate the complex challenges of the decarbonization markets, leading them to a successful plan for analysis and measurement. Our approach can work for you too.

our 3-Step approach to maximizing your operations


Empower your RNG projects with Elohi’s precision-engineered solutions, custom-crafted to conquer your unique challenges and pave the way for efficient and sustainable operations.


Watch your vision come to life as Elohi’s experienced partners transform your blueprint into reality, ensuring a flawless installation process that speaks of innovation and excellence.


From routine maintenance to swift issue resolution, our field solution partners stand by your side, ensuring that your operations remain at peak performance, sustaining a legacy of efficiency and sustainability.


gain precise engineering from the start

Your project deserves precision from the start. Elohi’s team meticulously crafts custom solutions that align with your unique challenges. Our analytical expertise and industry insight guide every decision ensuring a blueprint for success.


experience seamless execution with our integrations

Elohi takes your blueprint and transforms it into reality with our integration partners at Cherokee Integrations & Solutions. Our experienced team handles every detail from equipment sourcing to logistics to integration.


sustain the momentum with our certified technicians

Elohi’s commitment extends through routine maintenance, ensuring your operations run at peak performance. Our team of certified technicians, armed with industry insight, ensures any challenges are swiftly addressed.

Why Choose Us?

When you work with Elohi, you can expect

Custom Solutions

Our team combines analytical expertise, industry knowledge, and innovative technologies to develop solutions that address unique challenges and optimize performance

Analytical Expertise

Our team has 20 years of knowledge and experience in gas measurement, control, and monitoring, enabling us to provide accurate and reliable solutions.

Project & Supply Chain Management

From initial planning and design to equipment sourcing, logistics, and installation, we handle every aspect of the project, ensuring a seamless and efficient process that saves clients time & resources

Large local inventory

We maintain a large inventory of essential equipment and components, reducing lead times and minimizing project delays. Rely on our efficient supply chain to keep projects on track and minimize downtime.

Let’s Build A Sustainable Future Together

Partner with Elohi and revolutionize your approach to your RNG operations.